Man like any other name identifies a human body. There is a difference between a human body and it's name and names on a human body gives it identity. The human body and its identity "man" can be compared to a tin and the milk inside. The milk gives the tin identity, so it is called a "tin of Milk". Some simply identify it as milk making the "tin" silent. The tin serves as a body that holds the milk. When the content in the tin is changed to May be "milo", the name changes into a tin of Milo or simply Milo. In fact the tin is of not much relevance without the milk or the Milo that gives it identity, the same is the identity of the human body. The body of a human becomes relevant because of its identity. Name or identity cannot be touched or seen but rather it is noticed through its works.

       Therefore the human body can be of different names apart from man if it's work depict so. So every name has a meaning and the meaning tells of the identity at work of such particular body. Examples are Accountant that means a body that deals with financial stuffs, King one who rules, Emmanuel meaning "God with us", Ebenezer meaning "The extend God has brought us". A body is therefore meaningless without its name or identity.

        The human body is born but names are acquired. Names derives from its works but the human body is formed in the womb in a human body. Therefore a human body is born and through its works a name or identity is acquired. This is the same with the name man that identifies the human body this present day. The identity man is associated with civilization "inventions". The inventions serves as the world of man that identifies this present human body. 

        THE HISTORY OF THE IDENTITY MAN........................