Thinking about different ways and ideas for organization to structure this site: at least how to start the ball rolling

How work is organized Edit


You say: after a while we will be able to start organizing different types of work.

This is one of those dumb questions, but what do you mean by "organizing", do you actually mean "buy land and machines", or is this wiki more about just chatting about what people do for a living?

I am a union organizer so, think "individuals understanding their own inherient power to organize themselves and others to affect change over the world -- MarkDilley

Hello, I'm the founder of the Open Project Development wikia. Take a look. If someone goes on developing this wikia, we could collaborate. If you want to answer, please do it also on my talk page, because I'm not going to watch this so often. --Let's 16:27, 4 September 2006 (UTC)

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