When: 05-May-2006: 1-5pm

Where: Detroit, Michigan at the LaborNotes conference.

Self organization of labor technologists.Edit

We're all out here working on similar issues without the support of collaboration and organization that we all know we need and none of us can create on our own. This is a next step in furthering that synergy so that we can all work better, faster, smarter, stronger, sexier, easier, ... whatever. Please come.

Possible unifying themes for this gathering:

  • How we use internet tools to recreate the workers movement and make it democratic, strong, collaborative, open.
    • Labor technology roadmap
    • A union wiki (using structured data to compile all labor organizations)
    • Using "labortech" as a tag for online content, at tagging sites, such as and Technorati.
    • Community calendaring. (e.g. Detroit doesn't have a labor calendar of local struggles.)
    • What is labors 20 year plan?
  • Flickr is haveing a discussion in the Union cluster about what tag to use to get included into the stream, now that I think of it, it may have been me to ask that question. MarkDilley

We Invite YouEdit

To Labor Tech OC

  • Mark Dilley
  • Matt Noyes
  • Bill Pearson

notes Edit

  • Notes are at the LaborUnionOrganizing wiki